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The newest pair of Knock Out Collection [[bp:Category:Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise|TCG merchandise]] has been released to Rite Aid Pharmacies. The Black & White Knock Out Collection features either {{TCG ID|Call of Legends|Groudon|6}} or {{TCG ID|Call of Legends|Kyogre|12}} from {{TCG|Call of Legends}}, and three packs: one from {{TCG|Supreme Victors}}, 1one from {{TCG|Undaunted}}, and 1one from {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} (though packs will vary in later releases of this product). This Knock Out Collection costs $9.99. The two promotional cards are Cosmos Holofoil and have absolutely no differences from the prints released in the Call of Legends booster packs. An image of the Groudon Knock Out Collection can be seen below. An image of the Kyogre Knock Out Collection is currently unavailable.