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tagline=Japanese Moviemovie viewers will be given exclusive Tretta, as well as a new event |
blurb=Japanese Pokémon fans will be given an Orange Tretta tile when they watch ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. In addition to this, an event called 'Festival #1: Gather! New Leaguers' will soon be taking place at Tretta machines. }}
[[File:July_2013_CoroCoro_p47July 2013 CoroCoro p47.jpg|thumb|right|The July 2013 issue of CoroCoro]]
Three million Japanese viewers of ''{{bp|M16|ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens}}'' are to be given a free event {{bppkmn|Tretta}}, the latest issue of {{bp|CoroCoro}} has revealed. The Tretta will be Orange, a colour reserved for tiles given out at promotional events. They will also be equivalent to the 'Hyper Class', the middle class of Tretta's power-based ranking system.
An event called 'Festival #1: Gather! New Leaguers' has also been announced, which will be taking place at Tretta machines across Japan. This event will launch a variety of new Tretta for Pokémon who appear in the movie, including {{bpp|Darkrai}} and {{bpp|Sableye}}, as well as a {{bpp|Mewtwo}} with the 'Legend Class', the highest Classclass available.