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Full scans and translations of the Genesect and Mewtwo cards from the {{TCG|Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit}} are now available. The Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit will be released, along with the {{TCG|EX Battle Boost}} set on July 13. The Deck Kit features a {{TCG|Mewtwo}} quarterQuarter deck, and a {{TCG|Genesect}} quarterQuarter deck. It will also come with a Genesect coin.
{{bp|Victini (BW-P Promo 234)|Victini}} and {{bp|Shaymin (BW-P Promo 233)|Shaymin}} Promo cards will be available when purchasing the Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit, starting July 13.
jtrans=Quick Turn |
damage=20x |
effect=Flip 2 coins. This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads. |
{{TCGData |