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Cartoon Network reports new English title of BW124

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tagline="Danger, Sweet as Honey!" to air August 3 on Cartoon Network |
blurb=Cartoon Network has reported the English title of BW124 to be ''Danger, Sweet as Honey!''. }}

[[File:Cn logo lightbg.png|thumb|First Cartoon Network logo which is still used today.]]
{{bp|Cartoon Network}} has reported the English title of {{bp|BW124}} to be ''Danger, Sweet as Honey!''. The episode will air on Saturday August 3 at 8:30 am ({{wp|Eastern Time Zone|EST}}), 7:30 am ({{wp|Central Time Zone|CST}}), 6:30 am ({{wp|Mountain Time Zone|MST}}), 8:30 am ({{wp|Pacific Time Zone|PST}}), 3:30 am ({{wp|Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone|HST}}).