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blurb=Special PokéPla figures will be available as a pre-order bonus when using a special CoroCoro exclusive ticket. If either game is pre-ordered using the ticket they will receive a corresponding legendary Pokémon figure when the game is released. }}
[[File:CoroCoro August 2013 p49-50.jpg|thumb|250px|CoroCoro page 49-50]]
As a promotional event and collaboration with {{bp|CoroCoro}}, customers who pre-order {{bp|Pokémon X and Y|Pokémon X or Y}} and present a special ticket at the time of pre-order that's included in the August issue of CoroCoro magazine, they will receive a corresponding legendary PokéPla figure when the games release. he figure received is {{p|Yveltal}} for pre-ordering Pokémon Y and {{p|Xerneas}} for pre-ordering Pokémon X.
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Participating locations can be found in the bottom middle of the corresponding page below. Some locations that will accept the ticket include [ ToysRUs], [ Aeon mall stores], [ Pokemon Centers], as well as [ Daiei stores].
[[File:CoroCoro August 2013 p49-50.jpg |Thumb|450px| CoroCoro Page 49-50]]