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Editorial: Why Nintendo needs to go region free

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==What Was Nintendo's Response? What Is The Real Reason?==
In the early days of the petition, Nintendo of America released a statement citing the company's dedication to enforcing parental controls as a reason for the practice, which has since been proven by other supporters as being a convenient lie. It is true that Nintendo are dedicated to their commitment to parental controls and we are not disputing that that is a good thing. However, not only does the continent of Europe have varying game rating organisations across the various countries, but players across the web have found that the game rating information for a game in various different regions are stored on a game card. A user on NeoGaf [ discovered] this when testing out their Australian bought 3DS with European games (as both are PAL and work on each other's consoles). They found out that when they changed their system settings between Australian and European, their copy of ''{{wp|Kid Icarus: Uprising}}'' would respond to either the European or Australian game rating, depending on which region the console was set to. So the solution for this seems simple. If you have a region free console, have it so that games that do not have a rating in the same region as the 3DS console cannot be played unless the system is allowed to play games of the highest rating. That way, you wantwon't have children playing games like ''{{wp|Senran Kagura: Portrait of the Girls}}''. Most of the players who want to import games are over eighteen anyway—importing is an expensive business after all.
[[file:Senran Kagura.png|thumb|right|With the lack of local rating information, Nintendo could be worried about minors playing provocative games like "Senran Kagura". Is that justification for region locking though?]]