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2014 Play! Pokémon Modified format announced

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*Black & White—{{TCG|Dark Explorers}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Dragons Exalted}}
*{{TCG|Dragon Vault}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Boundaries Crossed}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Plasma Storm}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Plasma Freeze}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Plasma Blast}}
*Black & White—{{TCG|Dragon Vault}}
*{{TCG|BW Black Star Promos|Black Star Promo}} cards {{bp|Riolu (BW Promo 33)|BW33}} and higher
*{{TCG|McDonald's Collection 2012|McDonald's Collection}}
Additional expansions become legal when they are released to the market.