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blurb=The final blisterBlister promos were revealed for Plasma Blast. Plasma FreezeBlast set will be released August 14. }}
The final blisterBlister promos for {{TCG|Plasma FreezeBlast}} were revealed. Plasma FreezeBlast will be released on August 14. Previously, the other Blister promos were revealed to be a Blister featuring {{TCG ID|Dark Explorers|Blaziken|17}} from {{TCG|Dark Explorers}}, and a Three-Pack Blister featuring the {{TCG ID|BW-P Promo|Genesect|219}} promo card that was given out in Japan to people who purchased at least ¥800 in Pokémon-themed merchandise, in commemoration of the {{bp|M16|16th movie}} pre-release tickets being available.
File:BW9 Lucario Blister.jpg|Lucario Plasma FreezeBlast Blister
File:BW9 Krookodile Blister.jpg|Krookodile Plasma FreezeBlast Blister