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September CoroCoro reveals new Mega Evolutions

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blurb=The penultimateSeptember pre-XY2013 issue of CoroCoro magazineComics leaks,has revealingrevealed a brand new gameplay mechanic called Mega Evolution, as well as three new Pokémon. }}
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This month's issueImages of thepages Japanesefrom CoroCoro Comics magazine, thehave penultimatesurfaced, issuerevealing beforemuch thenew launchinformation ofsuch {{bp|Pokémonas X and Y}}. Thisa new issueprocess confirmscalled the"Mega existenceEvolution" ofand athree new mechanic for the series: '''Mega Pokémon'''.
[[File:CoroCoro September 2013 mega evolution.jpg|right|250px|thumb|The new Mega Evolutions]]
Details'''{{bp|Mega onEvolution}}''' Mega(メガシンカ) Pokémonallows area stillPokémon scarce,to althoughtemporarily werelease knowtheir thathidden itpower iswith astrength newsurpassing processthat calledof "Meganormal Evolution",evolution. with theThe previously revealed Awakened Form {{bpp|Mewtwo}} finallyis beingnow confirmedknown as MegaMewtwoMega Mewtwo. Other Pokémon revealedsuch to be obtaining new "Mega forms" areas {{bpp|MewtwoLucario}}, {{bpp|Ampharos}}, {{bpp|Blaziken}}, {{bpp|Mawile}} and {{bpp|Absol}}. The method of obtaining them ishave also unknown at this point, although the first SpotPass event for the new games has been announced.revealed From 12th October until 15th January, a {{bp|Torchic}} willto be distributedcapable holdingof anundergoing itemMega known as "Blaziken Knight", with this Torchic having the ability to become a MegaBlazikenEvolution. A mysterious item known as a "Mega Stone" was mentioned, but what role it or the Blaziken Knight item hold in obtaining a MegaPokémon is currently unknown.
MawileMega Lucario has beena confirmedhigher toSpecial beAttack retconnedthan toit adoes Steel/Fairy-type,as witha MegaMawileregular alsoLucario. having the type combination.Mega MegaMawileAbsol has thea ability {{bp|Huge Power}}, MegaBlaziken hashigher {{bp|Speed Boost}},and MegaLucario'sSpecial abilityAttack isthan {{bp|Adaptability}}it anddoes MegaAbsol'sas abilitya isregular {{bp|Magic Bounce}}Absol.
AsideMawile fromhas now been changed to a {{2t|Steel|Fairy}}-type and its Mega Evolutions,Evolution wewould also have threethe newsame speciestype combination. Ampharos will gain a {{t|Dragon}}-type after undergoing Mega Evolution. Mega Mawile has the Ability {{a|Huge Power}}, Mega Blaziken has {{a|Speed Boost}}, Mega Lucario has {{a|Adaptability}}, and Mega Absol has {{a|Magic Bounce}}. Mega Mewtwo has also been confirmed to have ofthe Pokémonability revealed:{{a|Insomnia}}.
Me'ēkuruFrom October 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014, a {{p|Torchic}} with Hidden Ability {{a|Speed Boost}} and moveset consisting of {{m|Scratch}}, {{m|Growl}}, {{m|Focus Energy}}, and {{m|Ember}} will be distributed over the Internet. It holds an item called Blazikenite (バシャモナイト), which allows Blaziken to become a Mega Blaziken. A mysterious item known as a Mega Stone (メガストクル) iswas also mentioned, but what role it and the pre-evolutionBlazikenite ofhold in obtaining a Mega Evolution is currently unknown. Its gender is male, it comes in a {{bp|GogoatCherish Ball}}., Ithas isXY 0.9as mits tallOT, and weighshas 31.0a kg{{bp|Premier Ribbon}}.
DedenneA (デデンネ),new thefacility Antennacalled Pokémon,the isMaster anTower {{2t|Electric|Fairy}}-type Pokémon. It(マスタータワー) is 0.2also m tallshown and weighsis 2.2revealed Ithave hassome theconnection Abilityto {{bp|PickMega Up}} and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches (ほおぶくろ)Evolution.
HorubīA (ホルビー),new thecharacter Digginghas Pokémon,also isbeen arevealed. {{type|Normal}}Koruni Pokémon. It(コルニ) is 0.4 m tall and weighs 5.0 kg. It has the Abilitya {{bp|PickGym UpLeader}} andwho aknows newthe Abilityyet-unrevealed calledsecret Cheekabout PouchesMega (ほおぶくろ). It is similar in appearance to Tappy from {{bp|Game Freak}}'s {{bp|HarmoKnight}}Evolution.
In addition, Super Training (スパトレ) is revealed to be a new method that can increase the EV of a Pokémon.
Aside from Mega Evolutions, three new species of Pokémon have also been revealed:
*{{p|Me'ēkuru}} (メエークル) is the pre-evolution of {{p|Gogoat}}. It is 0.9 m tall and weighs 31.0 kg.
*{{p|Dedenne}} (デデンネ), the Antenna Pokémon (アンテナポケモン), is an {{2t|Electric|Fairy}}-type Pokémon. It is 0.2 m tall and weighs 2.2 kg. It has the Ability {{a|Pickup}} and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches (ほおぶくろ).
*{{p|Horubī}} (ホルビー), the Burrowing Pokémon (あなほりポケモン), is a {{type|Normal}} Pokémon. It is 0.4 m tall and weighs 5.0 kg. It also has the Ability Pickup and Cheek Pouches. It is similar in appearance to Tappy from {{bp|Game Freak}}'s {{bp|HarmoKnight}}.
Next month's CoroCoro will have the new type chart, which will include the {{Type|Fairy}} and its strengths and weaknesses.
File:CoroCoro September 2013 new Pokémon.jpg|The new Pokémon
File:CoroCoro September 2013 Koruni.jpg|Koruni
File:CoroCoro September 2013 Torchic.jpg|Torchic distribution
File:CoroCoro September 2013 p59.jpg|Page 59 mentioning Movie 17
File:CoroCoro September 2013 Mega Mewtwo.jpg|Announcement about the October issue.