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September CoroCoro reveals new Mega Evolutions

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Images of pages from CoroCoro Comics magazine have surfaced, revealing much new information. Asuch as a new process called "Mega Evolution" has been confirmed for {{bp|Pokémon X and Y}}, and three new Pokémon have been revealed.
[[File:CoroCoro September 2013 mega evolution.jpg|right|250px|thumb|The new Mega Evolutions]]
The new process called "'''Mega Evolution"''' (メガシンカ) allows a Pokémon to changetemporarily intorelease atheir "mega"hidden versionpower with strength surpassing that of itself,normal withevolution. theThe previously revealed Awakened Form {{p|Mewtwo}} beingis confirmednow known as Mega Mewtwo. Other Pokémon confirmedsuch to be capable of undergoing Mega Evolution are {{p|Mewtwo}},as {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Ampharos}}, {{p|Blaziken}}, {{p|Mawile}} and {{p|Absol}} have also been revealed to be capable of undergoing Mega Evolution.
FromMawile Octoberhas 12,now 2013been changed to January 15, 2014, a {{p2t|TorchicSteel|Fairy}}-type, withwhile itsAmpharos Hiddenis Abilitynow an {{a2t|Speed BoostElectric|Dragon}}-type. willTheir beMega distributedEvolution overwould thealso internethave holdingthe ansame itemtype calledcombination. "BlazikenMega Knight",Mawile whichhas allowsthe Blaziken to becomeAbility {{a|Huge MegaBlaziken.Power}}, AMega mysteriousBlaziken item known ashas {{a|Speed Boost}}, "Mega Stone"Lucario washas mentioned{{a|Adaptability}}, butand whatMega roleAbsol ithas or{{a|Magic theBounce}}. BlazikenMega KnightMewtwo itemhas holdalso inbeen obtainingconfirmed ato Megahave Evolutionthe isability currently unknown{{a|Insomnia}}.
MawileFrom hasOctober been12, confirmed2013 to beJanuary changed15, to2014, a {{2tp|Steel|FairyTorchic}}-type, with MegaHidden MawileAbility also{{a|Speed havingBoost}} theand typemoveset combination.consisting Mega Mawile has the Abilityof {{am|Huge PowerScratch}}, Mega Blaziken has{{m|Growl}}, {{am|SpeedFocus BoostEnergy}}, Mega Lucario hasand {{am|AdaptabilityEmber}} will be distributed over the Internet. It holds an item called Blazikenite (バシャモナイト), andwhich Megaallows AbsolBlaziken hasto become {{a|Magic Bounce}}Mega Blaziken. A mysterious item known as a Mega MewtwoStone (メガストーン) haswas also beenmentioned, confirmedbut towhat haverole it and the abilityBlazikenite hold in obtaining {{a|Insomnia}} Mega Evolution is currently unknown.
KoruniA (コルニ),new afacility newcalled {{bp|Gymthe Leader}}Master whoTower knows(マスタータワー) theis yet-unrevealedalso secretshown aboutand Megais Evolution,revealed hasto also alsohave beensome revealedconnection to Mega Evolution.
A new character has also been revealed. Koruni (コルニ) is a {{bp|Gym Leader}} who knows the yet-unrevealed secret about Mega Evolution.
AsideIn fromaddition, MegaSuper Evolutions,Training three(スパトレ) is revealed to be a new speciesmethod ofthat Pokémoncan haveincrease beenthe revealed:EV of a Pokémon.
Aside from Mega Evolutions, three new species of Pokémon have also been revealed:
*{{p|Me'ēkuru}} (メエークル) is the pre-evolution of {{p|Gogoat}}. It is 0.9 m tall and weighs 31.0 kg.
*{{p|Dedenne}} (デデンネ), the Antenna Pokémon (アンテナポケモン), is an {{2t|Electric|Fairy}}-type Pokémon. It is 0.2 m tall and weighs 2.2 kg. It has the Ability {{a|Pickup}} and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches (ほおぶくろ).
*{{p|Horubī}} (ホルビー), the Burrowing Pokémon (あなほりポケモン), is a {{type|Normal}} Pokémon. It is 0.4 m tall and weighs 5.0 kg. It also has the Ability {{a|Pickup}} and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches (ほおぶくろ). It is similar in appearance to Tappy from {{bp|Game Freak}}'s {{bp|HarmoKnight}}.