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September CoroCoro reveals new Mega Evolutions

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[[File:CoroCoro September 2013 mega evolution.jpg|right|250px|thumb|The new Mega Evolutions]]
'''{{bp|Mega Evolution}}''' (メガシンカ) allows a Pokémon to temporarily release their hidden power with strength surpassing that of normal evolution. The previously revealed Awakened Form {{p|Mewtwo}} is now known as Mega Mewtwo. Other Pokémon such as {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Ampharos}}, {{p|Blaziken}}, {{p|Mawile}} and {{p|Absol}} have also been revealed to be capable of undergoing Mega Evolution.
Mega Lucario has a higher Special Attack than it does as a regular Lucario. Mega Absol has a higher Speed and Special Attack than it does as a regular Absol.