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September CoroCoro reveals new Mega Evolutions

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Mawile has now been changed to a {{2t|Steel|Fairy}}-type and its Mega Evolution would also have the same type combination. Ampharos will gain a {{t|Dragon}}-type after undergoing Mega Evolution. Mega Mawile has the Ability {{a|Huge Power}}, Mega Blaziken has {{a|Speed Boost}}, Mega Lucario has {{a|Adaptability}}, and Mega Absol has {{a|Magic Bounce}}. Mega Mewtwo has also been confirmed to have the ability {{a|Insomnia}}.
From October 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014, a {{p|Torchic}} with Hidden Ability {{a|Speed Boost}} and moveset consisting of {{m|Scratch}}, {{m|Growl}}, {{m|Focus Energy}}, and {{m|Ember}} will be distributed over the Internet. It holds an item called Blazikenite (バシャモナイト), which allows Blaziken to become a Mega Blaziken. A mysterious item known as a Mega Stone (メガストーン) was also mentioned, but what role it and the Blazikenite hold in obtaining a Mega Evolution is currently unknown. Its gender is male, it comes in a {{bp|Cherish Ball}}, has XY as its OT, and has a {{bp|Premier Ribbon}}.
A new facility called the Master Tower (マスタータワー) is also shown and is revealed to have some connection to Mega Evolution.