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English trademarks related to Pokémon Tretta uncovered

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Shortly after [[Trademarks found for new Pokémon product|finding trademarks for "Pokkén"]], English trademarks for "Pokétretta Battles", "Pokétretta Tournament", "Pokéfigure Arena", and "Pokéfigure" filed by {{bp|The Pokémon Company International}}. have been uncovered. It is currently unknown exactly what these trademarks are for.
All four trademarks were filed on August 19, 2013 under categories relating to video games, key chains and tags, game merchandise and tabletop games, and entertainment services.
The first two trademarks appear to be related to {{bp|Pokémon Tretta}}, a Japan-exclusive arcade game, and {{bp|Pokémon Tretta Lab}}, a Japan-exclusive {{bp|Nintendo 3DS}} game.
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*[ United States Patent and Trademark Office]