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Cartoon Network announces four new dub episode titles

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[[File:BW132.png|thumb|''Searching for a Wish!'']]
With the September schedule, {{bp|Cartoon Network}} has recently announced four new English dub episode titles for ''{{bp|Pokémon Black & White: Adventures in Unova}}''. One of the respective episodes will be featuring the {{bp|legendary Pokémon}} {{p|Jirachi}}. The episode titles are as follows:
* 1633 - {{bp|BW130}}: ''Butterfree and Me!'', scheduled for Sept. 14.
* 1634 - {{bp|BW131}}: ''The Path That Leads to Goodbye!'', scheduled for Sept. 21.
* 1635 - {{bp|BW132}}: ''Searching for a Wish!'', scheduled for Sept. 28.
* 1636 - {{bp|BW133}}: ''Capacia Island UFO!'', scheduled for Oct. 5.