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[[File:M16 logo.png|thumb|Sixteenth movie logo]]
The English title of the sixteenth Pokémon has been revealed to be ''{{bp|M16|Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened}}''. It will premiere on Cartoon Network in the United States on Oct. 19, 2013. The movie's trailer can be found [ on Poké].
AThis sneakmovie previewstars ofRed {{p|Genesect}} and ''{{bp|XYMega SeriesEvolution|PokémonMega}} {{p|Mewtwo}}. Five Genesect, led by the Series:Red XYGenesect, endanger an {{bp|New Tork City|unnamed big city}}''s willpower airsupply, afterattracting the movieattention of Mewtwo. Ash and friends must intervene when the Genesect's leader confronts Mewtwo.
A sneak preview of the next season of the Pokémon anime, ''{{bp|Pokémon the Series: XY}}'', will air after the movie. It is based on {{bp|Pokémon X and Y}}.
Beginning on Oct. 12, 2013, {{bp|Alexa}}, {{p|Gogoat}}, {{p|Helioptile}}, and {{p|Noivern}} will join Ash and friends through the {{bp|Decolore Islands}} on their way to {{bp|Kanto}}.
==Press release==