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2013 World Championships Decks receive November release

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Continuing with tradition, four of this year's top placing {{bp|2013 World Championships|World Championship}} participants will have their decks officially released in stores. {{bp|Jason Klaczynski}}'s Darkrai Deck, Yugo Sato's Ultimate Team Plasma Deck, Clement Lamberton's Anguille Sous Roche Deck, and Ian Whiton's American Gothic Deck will be seeing a November release later this year. Each of these decks feature the players' autographs overlaying the card image, in addition to a silver border and alternate card back. Included with the deck are an exclusive Worlds 2013 Pin and a Worlds 2013 deckbox. Images and the description of the four decks can be seen below.
Jason Klaczynski won the Masters Division; Yugo Sato was second in the Junior Division; Clement Lamberton was second in the Senior Division; Ian Whiton made it to the Semifinals in the Senior Division.