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English names of October 2013 CoroCoro Pokémon revealed

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{{type|Grass}} Pokémon are now immune to powder and spore moves. {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon are now immune to effects that prevent {{bp|escape|fleeing}}. {{type|Electric}} Pokémon are now immune to {{bp|paralysis}}.
The English names of the Team Flare leading scientists are Celosia, Aliana, Bryony, Mable, and Xerosic. Celosia has purple hair, Aliana has orange hair, Bryony has green hair, and Mable has blue hair. Xerosic is the man with red goggles and hair.
==Karune's English name is {{bp|Diantha}}. She is a famous actress in the Kalos who trades Pokémon== with the player at one point in the game.
Players can record Trainer PR Videos, which are 10-second videos of the player character and their Pokémon, in which the player can customize expressions, poses, background music, camera angles, among other things. Trainer PR Videos can be shared via the {{bp|Player Search System}}.
When customizing appearance, players can choose from several preset styles, or use their own combination of a hat, shoes, and accessories.
Disconnecting from a Rating Battle online will now result in an automatic loss. There will be five types of Rating Battles: Single Battle, Double Battle, Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, and the new Special Battle. Special Battle will have different rules every three months; during the first season, Special Battles will be Single Battles with only Pokémon that were introduced in Generation VI. The first season is scheduled to begin in late December.
The {{bp|Pokémon Global Link}} website will have a mobile-optimized version
File:XY Team PlasmaFlare Scientists.png|Celosia, Aliana, Bryony, and Mable
File:XY Xerosic.png|Xerosic
File:XY Diantha.png|Diantha
File:Xerneas artwork.png|Xerneas
File:Yveltal artwork.png|Yveltal
File:Trainer Customization artwork.png|Trainer customization
File:XY Prerelease style change.png|Changing style
File:XY Prerelease styling options.png|Options for style change
File:XY Prerelease boutique.png|Boutique store
File:XY Prerelease fitting room.png|Fitting room