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English names of October 2013 CoroCoro Pokémon revealed

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The English name of Haribōgu, {{p|Chespin}}'s evolved form, is {{p|Quilladin}}. It is the Spiny Armor Pokémon. The hard spikes on its body are harder than Chespin's. It is gentle and avoids battle. It can learn {{m|Mud Shot}}.
The English name of, {{p|Fennekin}}'s evolved form, is {{p|Braixen}}. It is the Fox Pokémon. Unlike Fennekin, it does not eacheat branches, but it keeps one in its tail to calm itself. It occasionally takes its branch into battle, and uses friction to light it on fire. It can learn {{m|Psyshock}}.
The English name of Gekogashira, {{p|Froakie}}'s evolved form, is {{p|Frogadier}}. It is the Bubble Frog Pokémon. It is better at jumping than Froakie, and jumps into trees during battle to confuse its opponents. It can learn {{m|Bounce}}.