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English names of October 2013 CoroCoro Pokémon revealed

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English names and further detail about [[October '13 CoroCoro unveils new 'XY' information|information revealed in this month's CoroCoro]] has been released. Furthermore, information about addition type-based mechanics have been released.
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==Pokémon names==
The English name of Haribōgu, {{p|Chespin}}'s evolved form, is {{p|Quilladin}}. It is the Spiny Armor Pokémon. The hard spikes on its body are harder than Chespin's. It is gentle and avoids battle. It can learn {{m|Mud Shot}}.
{{p|Pyroar}}, the Royal Pokémon, has been revealed to have large gender differences: male Pyroar have a large mane, whole female Pyroar have a long ponytail hairstyle. Male Pyroar become the leader of the pride after evolution, while female Pyroar protect the group's young. It can have the Abilities {{a|Rivalry}} and {{a|Unnerve}}. It can learn {{m|Echoed Voice}}.
==Character names and mechanical changes==
{{type|Grass}} Pokémon are now immune to powder and spore moves. {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon are now immune to effects that prevent {{bp|escape|fleeing}}. {{type|Electric}} Pokémon are now immune to {{bp|paralysis}}.
File:Furfrou-Orange.png|Furfrou (orange style)
File:Furfrou-Pink.png|Furfrou (pink style)
File:Furfrou-Blue.png|Furfrou (blue style)
File:Meowstic-Male.png|Meowstic (male)
File:Meowstic-Female.png|Meowstic (female)
Pyroar-MaleFile:Tyrunt.png|PyroarTyrunt (male)
Pyroar-FemaleFile:Amaura.png|Pyroar (female)Amaura
TyruntFile:Pyroar-Male.png|TyruntPyroar (male)
AmauraFile:Pyroar-Female.png|AmauraPyroar (female)
File:150Mewtwo-Mega X.png|Mega Mewtwo X
File:150Mewtwo-Mega Y.png|Mega Mewtwo Y