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Sylveon's TCG debut: Sylveon Collection announced for November

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[[File:SylveonCollection.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Sylveon Collection]]
A new TCG merchandise product has been announced. The Sylveon Collection, releasing in NovemberNov. 15, 2013, includes the Intertwining Pokémon's first TCG card, in addition to a {{p|Sylveon}} figure. Also included in the Sylveon Collection is a Holofoil Promotional card of each of the Eevee evolutions, a {{TCG|Fairy Energy|Fairy-type basic Energy card}}, and four {{TCG|Black & White}} Series booster packs.
The Promotional cards featuring the other Eeveelutions originate from a Japanese Pokémon Center promotion released roughly a year beforehand. The eight promotional cards were available in the File Collection, released during the 2012 Pokémon Center Eevee Collection campaign. Images of the Japanese equivalents can be seen below. {{TCG ID|BW-P Promo|Eevee|189}} is a reprint from {{TCG|Plasma Freeze}}, while the 7 other Eeveelutions are reprints from {{TCG|Dark Explorers}}.