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Pocket Monsters: The Origin anime special to air Oct. 2

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File:Pocket Monsters The Origin logo.png|Logo
File:Red PMTOPO.png|Red
File:Blue PMTOPO.png|Blue
File:Professor Oak PMTOPO.png|Professor Oak
File:Brock PMTOPO.png|Brock
File:Mom PMTOPO.png|Red's mother
File:Oak lecture PMTOPO.png|Professor Oak giving a lecture
File:Red-GreenBlue rivalry PMTOPO.png|Red and Blue's rivalry
File:Lance PMTOPO.png|Lance
File:Brock Geodude PMTOPO.png|Brock's Geodude
File:Brock Poké BallBalls PMTOPO.png|Brock and some Poké Balls
File:GreenBlue Blastoise PMTOPO.png|Blue's Blastoise