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French Chespin Deck opened on YouTube

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The Chespin Deck features {{ct|Grass}} and {{ct|Fairy}} Pokémon, the Fennekin Deck features {{ct|Fire}} and {{ct|Darkness}} Pokémon, and the {{TCG|Froakie Deck}} features {{ct|Water}} and {{ct|Metal}} Pokémon, with {{ct|Colorless}} throughout all three. The three decks will officially be released Nov. 8, 2013.
The full decklist (in addition to a the currently known setlist of all the cards together in the {{TCG|Kalos Starter Set}}), images of the newest cards and translations of all the cards within the deck are all shown below.
{{TCGGallery |
type=Fairy |
position=Middle |
cost={{e|Fairy}}} |
name=Draining Kiss |
jname=ドレインキッス |