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Trailer of Diancie in Pokémon X and Y released

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The Holy Diamond is an important energy source that maintains the Ore Country, and has fulfilled this role for a long time. The Holy Diamond was created by Princess Diancie alone. However, she no longer has the power she once had. And... the time is near. The life of the Holy Diamond is almost exhausted. The beautiful Ore Country will be destroyed!
But then, Diancie meets with Ash and Pikachu, and decides to leave on a journey to seek the holy powers of the "Life PokemonPokémon", Xerneas, in order to save her country. But in her way lies the Cocoon of the sleeping "Destruction PokemonPokémon", Yveltal, which once stole all life from the Kalos region...|Movie 17 website|cat=no}}
== Source ==
[ official Japanese Pokémon website]