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There are four divisions: Ultimate Pokémon Expert, Junior Expert, Ultimate Team, and Pokémon Apprentice. Players can only enter one division, but can participate in up to two different locations. Nintendo UK recommends that players book in advance, using [ the Nintendo UK website]. For all divisions, players can bring their own Nintendo 3DS and copy of Pokémon X or Y; however, players in the Ultimate Team and Pokémon Apprentice divisions can request to borrow both of these together from Nintendo UK, in which case they must use a preset team. All divisions use [ standard VGC 2014 rules], with some modifications for certain divisions.
The Ultimate Pokémon Expert title is for players aged 13 and older. It is held as a {{bp|Double Battle}} with {{bp|Flat Battle|Flat Rules}} (Pokémon above level 50 will temporarily become level 50, Pokémon below level 50 will remain unaltered). The winner will receive a week-long trip for two to Japan; Nintendo UK will cover the cost of return flights to Tokyo, Japan (including any transfers), a visit to the {{bp|Pokémon Center (store)|Pokémon Center}}, and hotel accommodation (at least one of these people must be ages 18 or older). The first and second place competitors will receive fast track entry to the second round of the UK national qualifier for the Pokémon World Championships 2014.
The winners of each category will be crowned at the Grand Final in London on 26th April.
To see terms & conditions, a full list of Pokémon Battle Tournament locations or to apply to take part, head to the [ official registration page] now. Do you have what it takes?|Nintendo UK}}