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Electabuzz will be available via serial code for Pokémon Y. Electabuzz will have its Hidden Ability Vital Spirit, it'll be level 30, and its OT will be SPRING 2014. It will be holding an Electrizer, and will have the moves {{m4|Low Kick|Shock Wave|Light Screen|Thunder Punch}}. It will also come in a Cherish Ball.
The serial codes will not require a purchase at the store. The player may ask the staff to give them a serial code. Each serial code is random. There will also be a random XY expansion sample pack available to players in the UK for a limited time. One of the TCG cards that will be included in each pack is the {{TCG ID|XY|Pikachu|04242}} card from the XY set.
For the UK, the serial codes will be available at GAME stores from April 4 until the supplies run out. The Pokémon must be obtained by May 30, 2014.