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McDonald's Promotion to start April 2 in France

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[[File:FRMCD 2014 CM.png|right|300px|thumb|A look at the new toys]]
A new commercial has revealed that starting April 2, 2014 will be a promotional Pokémon campaign at participating McDonald's establishments in France, while supplies last. The Pokémon toys will be one of two toy promotions running at the same time, the other being Hello Kitty themed. Each Pokémon toy will be included with one of the possible cards from a new French McDonald's Collection, which is currently known to include reprints of the {{TCG|XY}} {{TCG ID|XY|Pikachu|42}} and {{TCG|Kalos Starter Set}} {{TCG ID|Kalos Starter Set|Chespin|3}}, {{TCG ID|Kalos Starter Set|Fennekin|8}}, and {{TCG ID|Kalos Starter Set|Froakie|12}}, one of the two Bunnelby, and Furfrou. It is unknown if the promotion will happen for other countries.