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After Rating Battle season five, season six will be Double Battles with the top 12 Pokémon in seasons 1-4 and the first half of season five that ends in August being ineligible for use. Season six will begin in the middle of September.
From June 6 until June 9, a Single Battles competition called ''Think Fast! Single Battle!!'' will be held. This tournament will be available for all international Global Link users. Registration for this tournament is from May 929 until June 6. 50,000 players will participate, with registration being on a first-come first-serve basis. Only participants who get a win or a loss recorded on their record will be displayed on the rankings. Participants will each receive 1,000 {{bp|Poké Miles}}.
Players who were born in 1999 or later will be in the Junior Division. Players who were born in 1998 or earlier will be in the Master Division. Players in the Junior Division cannot battle between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. JST. The rankings will be posted on June 13. Pokémon that were transferred from the Generation V games cannot be used. The Pokémon must be caught or hatched from an egg in {{p|Pokémon X and Y}}. All Pokémon will be pre-set to level 50.