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The game can connect with StreetPass to gain other Pokémon. The Pokémon acquired is determined based on the Pokémon the person who is StreetPassed starts with. At the end of each battle, a certain amount of Pokémon will go home, so it is best that players continue to StreetPass until the game is complete. However, if there is not enough time, players can opt to use Play Coins instead. Unlike StreetPass, the Pokémon recruited through this method are limited to the Pokémon the player started with in the game.
Upon completion ofIf the game is taken to a cinema showing {{bp|M17}}, connection is possible with {{bp|Pokémon X and Y}}; however, no further details were given.
This game is available via ePassthe eShop in Japanese games from June 5 to September 30.
Thanks to {{u|Bluesun}} for the translation.