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Ancient Power Box announced for TCG

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During TPCi's weekly Tuesday announcement of new TCG products, a new box featuring Fossil Pokémon was revealed. The Ancient Power Box releasing this AugustSeptember will feature {{p|Tyrantrum}}, {{p|Tyrunt}}, {{p|Amaura}}, and {{p|Aurorus}} as they debut in the TCG in the upcoming {{TCG|Furious Fists}} expansion. The product description also details a new Trainer card, Fossil Researcher.
Among the update were a few new images for products previously only known by name. The [[Mega Charizard Box, Krookodile-EX Box releasing in July|Krookodile-EX Box]]'s actual product image was revealed, as well as a larger image of the [[Furious Fists Slurpuff Blister, Elite Trainer Box previewed|Furious Fists Slurpuff Blister pack]].