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The official Japanese Pokémon Web site updated its [[bp:Pokémon Battle Revolution|Pokémon Battle Revolution]] [ page] today, adding some new details of the game, some of which were revealed a couple days ago by [[New_Pokémon_Battle_Revolution_scans_released|scans of the latest Coro Coro issue]], as well as revealing the game's Japanese boxart.
[[File:PBR_RuinDusty.jpgpng|frame|left|Ruin, the first Colosseum Leader]]
Colosseum Mode is the main mode in which the player battles in ten different Colosseums with the ultimate goal to become the new champion of Pokétopia, a theme park on a southern island in which the Colosseum Mode takes place. Each Colosseum has its own Colosseum Leader similar to Gym Leaders from the main RPG games. Only the first Colosseum Leader, Ruin, who wears clothes that look similar to {{p|Lucario}}, has been revealed so far.