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Diancie Tretta to be distributed at Japanese cinemas

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[[File:Diancie Pokémon Tretta.png|thumb|right|The Diancie Pokémon Tretta]]
The first 3 million viewers of this year's Pokémon movie ''The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie'' and the Pikachu short ''Pikachu, What Are These Keys For?'' in Japanese cinemas will receive a special {{bp|Pokemon Tretta}} featuring {{p|Diancie}}. The Diancie Tretta being given away will be usable from ''The Pokemon Tretta Set 02'' which starts to be distributed on the 10th July. This special Pokemon Tretta is a Tretta that won't be distributed at normal Tretta machines. The Diancie from Diancie Tretta being given away knows {{m|Moonblast}} and comes in a Cherish Ball like the event Diancie for {{bp|Pokémon X and Y}} versions that viewers will also be able receive in cinemas.
Thanks to {{u|Bluesun}} for the translation.