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:All articles that are written by regular users are submitted as drafts before they are edited and published later on. <s>What is the source link for this draft, so that it may be edited and confirmed?</s> It has been determined that it is too late for the draft to be published. For future drafts, please include a source link and a tagline that comes under the article title. The links in the welcome (Manual of Style and Article Submission guide) can help you write articles and you can ask staff members for help if you need help. [[User:G50|<span style="color:red">''ㄱ''</span>]][[User talk:G50|<span style="color:green">''쉰''</span>]] G50 06:01, 17 May 2014 (UTC)
== Move even another page ==
Will you please move [[Draft:Cartoon Network reports new English title of XY025|this article in the '''draft''' namespace to it in the '''page''' namespace?]] [[User:SaturnMario|<font color="#A06216">SaturnMario</font>]], [[User talk:SaturnMario|<font color="#1111C2">his talk</font>]] and [[Special:Contributions/SaturnMario|<font color="#999999">his contributions</font>]] 01:23, 22 June 2014 (UTC)