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blurb=Pages from this month's issue of CoroCoro have surfaced, revealing three new Mega Evolutions. }}
{{ud}}Another image has surfaced, showing that Pokémon can {{bp|Mega Evolve}} in {{pkmn|Contest}}s. It also points out that {{p|Feebas}} can evolve into {{p|Milotic}} in a way related to Contests, referencing that it can evolve when its {{bp|Beauty (condition)|Beauty}} is high.
Pages from this month's issue of CoroCoro have surfaced, revealing three new {{bp|Mega Evolution}}s.
Mega {{p|Lopunny}} is {{2t|Normal|Fighting}} and has the Ability {{a|Scrappy}}. Mega {{p|Altaria}}It is {{2t|Dragon|Fairy}}1.3 m and(4'03") hastall theand Abilityweighs {{a|Pixilate}}28.3 kg Mega(62.3 lbs.). {{p|Salamence}}Lopunny iscan now use {{2tm|Dragon|Flying}}High andJump has the Ability {{a|AerilateKick}}.
Mega {{p|Altaria}} is {{2t|Dragon|Fairy}} and has the Ability {{a|Pixilate}}. It is 1.5 m (4'11") tall and weighs 20.6 kg (45.4 lbs.).
Mega {{p|Salamence}} is {{2t|Dragon|Flying}} and has the Ability {{a|Aerilate}}. It is 1.8 m (4'11") tall and weighs 112.6 kg (247.8 lbs.).
Each of the {{p|Pikachu}} costumes has an associated move. Pikachu Rock Star gets {{m|Meteor Mash}}; Pikachu, Ph.D gets {{m|Electric Terrain}}; Pikachu Pop Star gets {{m|Draining Kiss}}; Pikachu Belle gets {{m|Icicle Crash}}; Pikachu Libre gets {{m|Flying Press}}.
In the games, the player will encounter Contest Idol Lucia, who has an Altaria. She gives the player clothes to wear in {{bp|Pokémon Contest}}s.
APlayers that purchase the game early will be able to get a {{Shiny}} {{p|Beldum}} isholding mentioned,its but{{bp|Mega itStone}}. It is unclearnot whatclear itsexactly rolehow in the gamesit will be made available.
File:CoroCoro August 2014 Mega Altaria.jpg|Mega Altaria
File:CoroCoro August 2014 Mega Salamence.jpg|Mega Salamence
File:CoroCoro_AugustCoroCoro August 2014 Pikachu costumes.jpg|Pikachu costumes
File:CoroCoro August 2014 Shiny Beldum.png|Shiny Beldum and Lucia
File:CoroCoro August 2014 Shiny Mega Metagross.jpg|Shiny Mega Metagross
File:CoroCoro August 2014 Mega Contest.jpg|Mega Evolving in a Contest