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The postponed Pokémon XY episode ''{{bp|XY024|An Undersea Place to Call Home!}}'' featuring {{p|Skrelp}} and {{p|Dragalge}} recently aired in South Korea on August 8. Images of the episode show appearances of {{p|Octillery}}, {{p|Remoraid}}, {{p|Kingdra}}, {{p|Luvdisc}}, and {{p|Chinchou}}. The Korean title of this episode is 「해저의 성을 지켜라! 수레기와 드래캄!!」 ''Defend the Undersea Castle! Skrelp and Dragalge!!''.
It is unknown at this time if and when it will air in other countries. In South Korea, it aired immediately after {{bp|XY023}}. It was originally postponed due to the {{wp|Sinking of the MV Sewol|sinking of the MV Sewol ferry in South Korea}} that took place on April 16, 2014.