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Mega Rayquaza revealed

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blurb=Mega Rayquaza has been revealed, and it has the new Ability Delta Stream. }}
[[File:ORAS Prerelease Mega Rayquaza.png|thumb|250px|Mega Rayquaza]]
{{bp|Mega Evolution|Mega}} {{p|Rayquaza}} has been revealed, and it is a {{2t|Dragon|Flying}}-type Pokémon with the new Ability {{a|Delta Stream}} (「デルタストリーム」 ''Delta Stream''). Rayquaza also has exclusive access to the new move {{m|Dragon Ascent}} (「ガリョウテンセイ」 ''Finishing Touch''), which is said to be one of the most powerful {{type|Flying}} moves. Rayquaza Mega Evolves in a unique way due to its unique biology.
Its new Ability Delta Stream creates the new weather condition strong winds (「らんきりゅう」 ''turbulent air''). During strong winds, the moves {{m4|Rain Dance|Sunny Day|Sandstorm|Hail}} will fail and the Abilities {{a|Drizzle}}, {{a|Drought}}, {{a|Sand Stream}}, and {{a|Snow Warning}} will not activate. It also causes moves of a type that Flying-type Pokémon are usually weak to to only deal normal damage to Flying-type Pokémon. Strong Winds remains in effect as long as Rayquaza is in battle.
When Rayquaza Mega Evolves, almost all of its stats increase, notably its Attack and Special Attack.
ORAS Prelease Mega Rayquaza face.jpg|Mega Rayquaza's face
Dragon Ascent.png|Dragon Ascent
Dragon Ascent 2.png|Dragon Ascent
Dragon Ascent 3.png|Dragon Ascent
Dragon Ascent 4.png|Dragon Ascent
File:Delta Stream.png|Delta Stream causing Strong Winds
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