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Shiny Gengar now available in Australia and New Zealand

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[[File:094Gengar-Mega-Shiny.png|thumb|right|Shiny Mega Gengar artwork]]
Serial codes for a {{Shiny}} {{p|Gengar}} holding a {{bp|Gengarite}} are now available at {{wp|EB Games}}, {{wp|JB Hi-Fi}}, {{wp|Target (Australia)|Target}} and {{wp|Big W}} stores in Australia and New Zealand from Oct. 15 until Nov. 5. Information about how to obtain {{p|Diancie}} will be revealed soon. Some stores may receive codes later than others. Unlike other regions, this was not announced until today.
From today until Nov. 5, serial codes to obtain {{bp|List of PAL region serial code event Pokémon distributions in Generation VI#Gengar|this Shiny Gengar}} are available at {{bp|GameStop}} stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark; "Nintendo On Tour" in Belgium; World of Nintendo online store in Russia; and {{wp|Game (retailer)|GAME}} stores in the United Kingdom and Spain.