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Therefore, the original assignment of the term sequel to these games becomes impossible from a media archaeological view. Unlike the official Nintendo diagram, the actual connections between versions of {{bp|Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver}} instead resemble the diagram below.
[[File:GenIIGSUnofficialVersionTreeGenIIGSUnofficialVersionTreeV3.png|Generation II Official Version Tree - Gold and Silver]]
What can be understood from this mess? It can be argued that, rather than the sequels promoted by Nintendo, Generation II is best described as an adaptation of Generation I. Returning to Linda Hutcheon’s A Theory of Adaptation, three possible descriptions for adaptations are given: as a “transposition of a particular work,” as a “process of creation,” and as a “process of reception.”<ref name="Hutcheon, ''A Theory of Adaptation'', 2nd ed."/>