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Pokémon Center Tokyo moving and reopening as Mega Tokyo

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[[File:Pokémon Center Tokyo Mega Evolution.jpgpng|thumb|250px|Pokémon Center Tokyo Mega Evolving]]
[[File:Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo map.jpg|frame|A map showing the location of the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo]]
The Pokémon Center Tokyo is relocating to [ the second floor of alpa] in {{wp|Sunshine City}}, {{wp|Ikebukuro}}, Tokyo and will reopen as Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. To celebrate this, promotional merchandise and Pokémon distributions will be available.
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Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo bag.jpgpng|Bag to be used during promotional period
Moving Pikachu.jpgpng|Moving Pikachu artwork
Moving Pikachu sticker.jpg|Moving Pikachu sticker
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