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Bulbagarden ORAS Launch Competition

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*'''The answer on Bulbapedia is wrong! The actual answer is (BLAH), and I have proof!'''
That's not a question, it's a statement! But seriously, in the unlikely event that an error on Bulbapedia is leading people astray, we will accept both the actual correct answer '''and''' the answer as it currently stands on Bulbapedia for the purposes of figuring out your score. We do this to avoid disadvantaging people who have already entered before a mistake is uncovered. Bulbapedia is currently locked to editing, so you don't need to fear about people changing information to try and give themselves an advantage.
*'''Will you be revealing the correct answers after the competition?'''
Yes, we will.
*'''I live in (insert country here). if I win, are you able to send me a game for my region?'''