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Eight Advanced Generation anime episodes available on Hulu Plus

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[[File:AG Characters and Pokémon.png|thumb|Advanced Generation main characters and Pokémon]]
The official Pokémon website has announced that starting today, eight episodes from the {{bp|Advanced Generation arcseries}} of the Pokémon anime featuring {{bp|Team Magma}} and {{bp|Team Aqua}} will be available to watch on Hulu Plus.
The eight episodes are as follows:
*[{{bp|AG002 |A Ruin with a View]}}
*[{{bp|AG017 |Stairway to Devon]}}
*[{{bp|AG027 |A Three Team Scheme]}}
*[{{bp|AG036 |The Spheal of Approval!]}}
*[{{bp|AG054 |Fight for the Meteorite]}}
*[{{bp|AG083 |Unfair Weather Friends]}}
*[{{bp|AG097 |Gaining Groudon]}}
*[{{bp|AG098 |The Scuffle of Legends]}}
The first five episodes on this list were also played in [['Diancie_and_the_Cocoon_of_DestructionDiancie and the Cocoon of Destruction'_to_air_this_November_in_US to air this November in US,_Canada Canada|a marathon]] on Cartoon Network on Saturday, November 8th preceding the premiere of Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.]