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tagline=AsAvailable of the 6th offrom December the Eon Tickets will be available6 at six different locations |
blurb=In the Netherlands, the Eon Ticket will be available at select Game Mania stores from Dec. 6, 2014.}}
[[File:Eon Ticket.png|thumb|Eon Ticket]]
In the Netherlands, the {{bp|Eon Ticket}} will be available at select Game Mania stores from Dec. 6, 2014. To obtain the Eon Ticket, players must bring their {{bp|Nintendo 3DS}} or {{bp|Nintendo 2DS|2DS}} system and a copy of {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire}} to a participating store.
In the Netherlands, the Eon ticketsTickets will be released by a store called Game Mania, players wishing to get a ticket from a Game Mania store can't get theseavailable at just any Game Maniathe storefollowing though.stores:
To get the Eon Tickets, one must go to one of the following *Game Mania stores:{{wp|Groningen}}
*Game Mania {{wp|Rotterdam Centrum}}
*Game Mania Groningen{{wp|Maastricht}}
*Game Mania Rotterdam Centrum{{wp|Breda}}
*Game Mania Maastricht{{wp|Amsterdam}} (North Western District)
*Game Mania Breda{{wp|Utrecht}}
*Game Mania Amsterdam(North Western District)
*Game Mania Utrecht
Pokémon fans wanting to get their Eon Ticket, are able to pick it up at one of these stores as of the 6th of December, and must bring their 3DS or 2DS with them along with a copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sappire.