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Primal Clash officially announced

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blurb=The official Pokémon website has officially acknowledged the upcoming English expansion, Primal Clash, being released on Feb. 4. In addition to a few new card images, the website provided a few new details for the expansion. It will contain 160 cards, with 4 Secret Rare Item cards. }}

The official Pokémon website has officially acknowledged the upcoming English expansion, {{TCG|Primal Clash}}, being released on Feb. 4. The website posted images of Kyogre-EX and Groudon-EX, as well as the Primal Pokémon-EX that have already been released as {{TCG|Jumbo card}}s in the {{bp|Hoenn Collection}}. It also confirms the 12 Pokémon-EX to be Sharpedo-EX, Trevenant-EX, Wailord-EX, Camerupt-EX, Gardevoir-EX, Aggron-EX, Kyogre-EX, Groudon-EX, M Aggron-EX, M Gardevoir-EX, Primal Kyogre-EX and Primal Groudon-EX. The press release acknowledges 4 Secret Rare Trainer cards, confirms 31 Trainer cards for the expansion, and releases the names two Theme Decks: Earth's Pulse and Ocean's Core, featuring Groudon and Kyogre. The set will be out of 160 cards and will have the 4 secret Items.

==New images==
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==Press release==
<i>Pokémon TCG: XY—Primal Clash is the latest expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game franchise. Booster packs and theme decks—Earth’s Pulse and Ocean’s Core—will be available in stores on February 4, 2015, introducing more than 160 new cards to collect and play.
Key features of the Pokémon TCG: XY—Primal Clash expansion:
*Primal Reversion makes its TCG debut—This expansion introduces Primal Reversion to the TCG with Primal Kyogre-EX and Primal Groudon-EX.
*12 new Pokémon-EX cards, each with a full-art rare Ultra version—New Pokémon-EX cards include Sharpedo-EX, Trevenant-EX, Wailord-EX, and Camerupt-EX, plus two new Mega Evolution Pokémon: Mega Aggron-EX and Mega Gardevoir-EX.
*Ancient Traits appear—Ancient Traits, which give certain advantages in battle, appear on 10% to 20% of Pokémon in XY—Primal Clash. Their function is similar to Abilities.
*31 Trainer cards—Many brand-new Trainer cards, four full-art rare Ultra cards, four secret rare cards, and two Special Energy cards add new depth and tactics to the Pokémon TCG.
*Booster packs—Packs of 10 additional cards selected from the expansion will sell for $3.99.
*Two new theme decks—60-card preconstructed decks are designed to introduce players to the Pokémon TCG by enabling them to play right away. Theme decks will sell for $12.99 each.
XY—Primal Clash theme decks and booster packs include an in-pack code card that unlocks virtual cards from the XY—Primal Clash expansion for play in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online at The Pokémon TCG Online is also now available for iPad via the Apple App Store.</i>