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Several new Pokémon Conquest passwords revealed

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tagline= Passwords may be entered once a month|
blurb=Several new passwords have been revealed with the release of Pokémon Conquest for unlocking rare Pokémon. GameStop, Toys 'R US, the official Pokémon Conquest website, Nintendo World, and IGN all have released several passwords for the game. }}
[[File:Pokemon Conquest password 02.jpgpng||thumb|right|Message after the password is entered]]
[[File:Pokemon Conquest password 03.jpgpng||thumb|right|Map of a player's kingdom]]
With the recent release of {{bp|Pokémon Conquest}}, several new passwords to unlock rare Pokémon have been revealed. Players can enter these passwords into the game when they have progressed far enough to be able to link with wild Pokémon. Only one of these passwords can be entered each month. Each password can only be entered once into the game.