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Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation IV

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Media archaeology can show us the technological reasons behind choices in content. It is a method of approaching media in such a way that creative decisions are understood within their social, technological, and cultural context. That being said, media archaeology cannot fully account for the symbolism found within the media it examines. For such an understanding, one must examine the games at a more textual level, one that considers the franchise as a whole rather than {{bp|Generation IV}} as a stand-alone set of games and versions.
{{bp|Generation IV}} is a midpoint to the Pokémon {{bp|core series}} franchise as it currently exists. More precisely, the exact center point can be found in the selection of final {{bp|Pokémon Champion|Pokémon Champions}} in {{bp|Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver}}. To face all the {{bp|Pokémon Champion|Pokémon Champions}} from all previous paired versions ({{bp|Blue (game)|Blue}} from {{bp|Generation I}}, {{bp|Lance}} from {{bp|Generation II}}, {{bp|Steven Stone}} from {{bp|Generation III}}) is to face Pokémon ''’asas it was''. With the inclusion of {{bp|Cynthia}} from {{bp|Generation IV}}, the player faces Pokémon ''as it is''. This {{bp|Hall of Fame}} perfectly encapsulates the metaphor of the series remakes: here is the past and the present of where Pokémon stands. Now it is time to move towards the future.
Here we are. Here we were. Now, here we go.