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Here's everything known about Double Crisis

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Team Magma's Groudon-EX
*The Japanese expansion includes 34 cards, with additional Full Art cards being released as {{TCG|Secret card}}s abovewithin the 034/034 set limit, instead of above. Each {{TCG|booster pack}} for the Japanese expansion contains 6 cards instead of the usual 5, and there is a guaranteed Holofoil card in every pack.
*The set, when releasing in English on March 25, will only contain 28 cards (this set limit includes the Full Art cards within the 28 cards), pulling cards from the set for various other releases. Only 8 of the 28 cards are Holofoil cards, and the set will be released in packs of 7 cards instead of the usual 10. The packs are included specifically in a product going by the name of '''Double Crisis Collector's Pin 4-pack''', coming in two different designs, containing 4 packs from the mini set, a code card, and a Collector's Pin and {{TCG|Coin}} featuring either Team Magma or Team Aqua. The product description is listed below.