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Serperior is at level 50, has its Hidden Ability {{a|Contrary}} and knows the moves {{m4|Leaf Storm|Hold Back|Wring Out|Giga Drain}}. Its {{bp|original Trainer}} is "Present", its {{bp|Trainer ID number}} is 01225, and it has a {{bp|Classic Ribbon}}. Its {{bp|gender}} and {{bp|Nature}} are random, and it has no held item.
Due to Serperior having the same password as the Japanese version of this distribution, it is likely that Emboar's special password will be POKEMON500 and Samurott's will be POKEMON500POKEMON503.
These Pokémon can be obtaining using the "Get with code" option in {{bp|Mystery Gift}}. This option can only be used on games updated to v1.2.