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The fully-evolved {{bp|Unova}} {{bp|starter Pokémon}} with their {{bp|Hidden Ability|Hidden Abilities}} will be available to American and PAL region {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} using universal serial codes. {{p|Serperior}} is already available for American and PAL region games.
All three Pokémon will be available until Nov. 30, 2015. Serperior became available today using the special password '''POKEMON497''', as revealed on {{bp|Poké}}, the same as [[Fully-evolved Unova starter Pokémon to be available with Hidden Abilities|the Japanese distribution]]. Emboar will be available starting Jan. 29, 2015, with its special password to be revealed on Poké Samurott will be available starting Feb. 5, 2015, with its special password to be revealed in a Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter (users must be signed up to receive the newsletter before Jan. 31, 2015).
Serperior is at level 50, has its Hidden Ability {{a|Contrary}} and knows the moves {{m4|Leaf Storm|Hold Back|Wring Out|Giga Drain}}. Its {{bp|original Trainer}} is "Present", its {{bp|Trainer ID number}} is 01225, and it has a {{bp|Classic Ribbon}}. Its {{bp|gender}} and {{bp|Nature}} are random, and it has no held item.