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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: A retrospective review

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Characteristics were Gen IV (I could let you know privately and have you change this, but I figured I may as well)
Amongst the fanbase, {{bp|Hoenn}} has generally been considered the worst region. Or at the very least, it's the one that gets the most vocal flak. Hoenn, and it's associated games, certainly have their fans though. To counter the disparaging comments, the fans of Ruby and Sapphire are just as loud, if not louder, in their adoration of the region, and associated games. But the details remain solid that such strong outcry, from both sides, wouldn't exist if there weren't something worth fighting over. Every region and game has it's fans and detractors, but the fight over Hoenn is by far the loudest. I would also like to make it clear that I am NOT referring to {{bp|Generation III}} as a whole. While many people on the "dislike" side of things say they hate Gen III, they usually end up explaining Ruby and Sapphire, or simply Hoenn.
I myself used to be one of those people. While I think it would be incorrect of me to say I ''hate'' Ruby and Sapphire, I am among the people that wasn't impressed with Ruby and Sapphire ''as games''. However, I ''was'' greatly impressed with Generation III and the tools it brought to the table. Think of all the major advances that Gen III brought us. New graphics, new sound, smoother interfaces, a ton of great new Pokémon, and major gameplay additions that completely revolutionized the series. {{bp|Individual values}}s (IVs), {{bp|Effort values}}s (EVs), {{bp|Nature}}s, {{bp|Ability|Abilities}}, {{bp|Characteristic}}s, and such simple staples as {{bp|Running Shoes|running}}, {{bp|Double Battle}}s, and {{bp|contact}} moves; the latter of which were a likely precursor to {{bp|Generation IV}}'s major innovation, separating moves into physical and special versions. Generation III was amazing.
== Why the Ruby and Sapphire hate? ==