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'''Can we catch 'em all?''' iswas a column written by {{u|8bitbecca|Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber}} and published exclusively on Bulbanews. It gives an introduction to a media archaeological perspective of the core series Pokémon games, demonstrating how media-specific tools can give a greater understanding of the concepts behind the franchise.
A series on media archaeology in spin-off titles is planned for Summer 2015.
The column began its first run on October 28, 2014 and ended on November 18, 2014. This run consisted of articles focusing on Generations I through III, developed for the Game Boy series of platforms.
A second run began on December 30, 2014 focusing on Generations IV through VI, developed for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS series of handhelds.
# [[Can we catch ‘em all?|Introduction]]