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Column:Can we catch ‘em all?

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'''Can we catch 'em all?''' iswas a column written by {{u|8bitbecca|Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber}} and published exclusively on Bulbanews. It gives an introduction to a media archaeological perspective of the core series Pokémon games, demonstrating how media-specific tools can give a greater understanding of the concepts behind the franchise.
TheA column began its first runseries on Octobermedia 28,archaeology 2014in andspin-off endedtitles onis November 18, 2014. This run consisted of articles focusing on Generations I through III, developedplanned for the Game Boy series ofSummer platforms2015.
A second run began on December 30, 2014 focusing on Generations IV through VI, developed for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS series of handhelds.
# [[Can we catch ‘em all?|Introduction]]