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CoroCoro officially reveals Hoopa Unbound

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blurb=The May issue of CoroCoro made the first official announcement of the Mythcal Pokémon Hoopa's secondary form, known as Hoopa Unbound. Additionally, a new Legedary Pokémon event distribution for Japanese-region players who preorder Movie 18 tickets has been announced. }}

The May issue of CoroCoro made the first official announcement of the {{bp|Mythical Pokémon}} {{bp|Hoopa|Hoopa's}} secndary form, known as Hoopa Unbound. Although previously known by fans due to data in {{bp|Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}, this is the first official mention of its second form.

In the upcoming {{bp|M18|18th movie}}, a Hoopa in its second form will make an appearance under the name of 超フーパ (''SuperHoopa'') whereas {{bp|Ash Ketchum|Ash}} will befriend another Hoopa in its primary form.

Additionally, a new event distribution for Japanese-region {{bp|Generation VI}} games has been announced. Players who preorder tickets for Movie 18 can use said tickets to receive one of six {{bp|Legendary Pokémon}}, all at Level 100:

*{{bp|Dialga}} with the moves {{m4|Metal Burst|Overheat|Roar of Time|Flash Cannon}} holding an {{bp|Adamant Orb}}
*{{bp|Palkia}} with the moves {{m4|Earth Power|Aura Sphere|Spacial Rend|Hydro Pump}} holding a {{bp|Lustrous Orb}}
*{{bp|Giratina}} with the moves {{m4|Aura Sphere|Draco Meteor|Shadow Force|Iron Head}} holding a {{bp|Griseous Orb}}
*{{bp|Groudon}} with the moves {{m4|Fire Punch|Solar Beam|Arm Hammer|Rock Slide}} holding a {{bp|Choice Band}}
*{{bp|Kyogre}} with the moves {{m4|Water Spout|Thunder|Sheer Cold|Ice Beam}} holding a {{bp|Choice Scarf}}
*{{bp|Kyurem}} with the moves {{m4|Glaciate|Scary Face|Draco Meteor|Iron head}} holding a {{bp|Life Orb}}

Each Pokémon has its respective {{bp|Hidden Ability}}. Players get to choose only one of these Pokémon and will also receive an {{bp|Arceus}}, whose moveset, Ability, and held item (if any) are currently unknown.

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